What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. Search engine optimization is essential when you are trying to attract traffic to your websites and URLs. All the major search engines yield an extensive list of results for any search. They do it by using algorithms to churn up useful results for any search, and by arranging these results in order of decreasing relevance. These results are arranged and shown in the order of relevance. SEO Birmingham aims at improving both the quality and quantity of traffic that your website receives. To further our comprehension of SEO, let us look at the various aspects of internet traffic.

1-Traffic Quality

This defines the type of users that are visiting your website. If the website is attracting users who are essentially looking for something else and who do not benefit from accessing the website, then it is not quality traffic. The task of SEO Birmingham is to improve the quality of traffic. To do so, it is important to attract users who are genuinely interested in your product and who are actively looking for such products.

2-Traffic Quantity

Once the traffic quality is regulated, the next step is to attract more viewers and users. An increase in traffic quantity means your product will increase in popularity. As a general rule, it is always beneficial to have a large quantity of traffic because your product is exposed to a greater number of potential buyers. SEO makes sure that your website is mentioned higher up the list of relevant results to a search on any search engine. With SEO, your website is more likely to catch the eye of users. Doing this ensures a constant flow of relevant and interested users visiting your website.

3-Organic Results

In a search engine, every search displays multiple adds i.e. sponsored websites on top of the remaining list of non-sponsored links. The sponsored websites pay in order to appear at the top of the list. Organic results are the websites that do not pay. They appear higher up and in the earlier pages of a search result because of their relevance to the typed search.